The Bethesda Miracle Through the Eyes of the Man Healed

For thirty-eight years, my life was a cycle of endless waiting by the Bethesda pool. Each day blending into the next, I was filled with despair and a fading hope. People around me surged forward at the stirring of the waters, seeking their miracle, leaving me behind, alone and helpless.

Then, one day, amid the usual clamor and desperation, He came. Unlike others who passed by, He saw me, really saw me—not just my infirmity but me, the person trapped by his broken body for decades. His presence was like a calm amid the storm; His gaze was compassionate and understanding. He asked me a question that seemed to echo deep within my soul, "Do you want to get well?" It wasn't just about my physical healing but a deeper, more profound restoration. My heart leaped within me, though I hardly understood why. I tried to explain my plight, my inability to reach the waters in time, but He—He simply said, "Get up! Pick up your mat and walk."

At His command, something stirred within me, not just the waters of Bethesda but a deeper, more powerful force. For the first time in thirty-eight years, strength flowed into my limbs, and I stood up, completely healed. It was miraculous, bewildering, and utterly transformative. His words, so simple yet imbued with authority and power, revealed a connection to the divine that was unmistakable. This wasn't just a man; He was a visible manifestation of God's love and compassion, reaching out to me, one of the countless forgotten.

The joy of my healing was quickly shadowed by controversy. It was the Sabbath, and carrying my mat became a point of contention. The leaders focused on the letter of the law and failed to see the miracle of love and mercy that had occurred. When they questioned me, I could only speak of the One who had healed me, yet I didn't even know His name.

Later, He found me again, not just to reveal His name but to offer deeper healing, a warning to lead a life transformed lest something worse befalls me. His concern wasn't just for my physical well-being but for my soul, a reflection of the Father's heart.

When the leaders persecuted Him for breaking the Sabbath, His response illuminated the depth of His connection with the Father. He spoke of working as His Father does, revealing a divine mission that transcended Sabbath laws—a mission of restoration, life, and love.

Through His actions and words, He opened my eyes to the reality of God's character: compassionate, loving, sovereign, intimately involved in our lives, and desiring our wholeness. He revealed a God not distant or detached but one who enters into our suffering, offering both physical healing and eternal life.

Now, as I walk freely, carrying not just my mat but a story of miraculous healing and divine encounter, I understand that this wasn't just for me. It's a testament to all, a revelation of the Father's heart through the Son, who is the way, the truth, and the life. My story is a witness to His power, compassion, and the promise of eternal life for all who believe.

Inspired by John 5:1-18

Fr Abraam Sleman


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