What is Different about "Revealing the Father through the Book of Revelation"?

What makes the message of the new book, "
Revealing the Father through the Book of Revelation," different are many key features of the book, such as:

1- The new book focuses on revealing the person and the works of the heavenly Father through the Lord Jesus Christ. So, it helps the fellowship with the heavenly Father in Christ.

2- The interpretations of all the images and symbols in the new book have the biblical background and the Hebraic thoughts on biblical times. There is no personal opinion or imagination. The primary reference of the new book is the Bible itself.

3- The new book interprets images and symbols of Revelation based on their spiritual realities. Moreover, it presents the defeat of the evil realities through the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore, realities such as the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet are defeated figures destined to perdition.

4- The new book revised the translation of many Greek terms and expressions of the original text of Revelation. Suggested translation helped to convey the correct interpretation that is in harmony with the message of the Father’s love in the entire Bible.

An example of these corrections is the Greek word “πληγή; plege” translated into “plague” (Revelation 9:18,20; 11:6; 15:1,6,8; 16:9,21,21; 18:4,8; 21:9; 22:18). The new book suggested translating it into “a wound; stripe,” as translated in (Luke 10:30; Revelation 13:12,14). Such suggested translation connects the reader with the wounds and the stripes of our Lord Jesus Christ, for our healing, not our judgment (Isaiah 53:5).

5- The message of the new book is still the message of the gospel: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

For example, “the seven plagues that have the wrath of God” are the totality of the wounds of the Lord Jesus Christ, that have the passion of the heavenly Father. They are about the sprinkling of the atoning blood of Christ on our evil conscious that we might draw near to God with a true heart in full assurance of faith (Hebrews 10:22). 

Such understanding is based on the fresh translation of the Greek terms in Revelation, as mentioned in point 4 above. So, it is a message of love, hope, and peace, not a message of fear and judgment.

6- The new book interwave the text of Revelation with the liturgical life and experience. For example, in many English Bible versions, the Greek word [φιαλίδια; fialisia], is translated as bowls, vials. The book describes it as the “cup of the wine” that was on the table of the showbread, as it is also translated into “the Cups” (Numbers 4:7, Brenton Septuagint Translation). The same word refers to the cup of communion.

7- The "Spiritual Approach" of the new book is relevant to every believer every time, through the church's history, and reflects the doctrines and beliefs of the church of the apostles. 

The new book Revealing the Father through the Book of Revelation is available on Amazon; click here. Please pray for me and blessings to you!

Fr Abraam Sleman


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