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Revealing the Father through the Book of Revelation: Horses of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6)

  Intro to the Seven Seals The vision of the scroll, introduced in chapters 4 and 5, begins here. In Revelation 5:1–7, Christ received from the heavenly Father the scroll sealed with seven seals. The first four seals reveal four horses and their riders. These are commonly called “The Horses of the Apocalypse” (Revelation 6:1–8). Many commentators assume the Horses of the Apocalypse represent the work of the Antichrist, who will soon unleash a series of end-time devastations. Thus, some commentators over the last century have exchanged the passage’s Christ-centered view for a demonic one!  On the other hand, many Christians believe the white horse (the first rider) symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ.  It would make no sense that opening the scroll would bring destruction and calamity to God’s people. The bitter weeping of John as he was looking for someone worthy to open the sealed scroll would also make no sense if disaster followed the opening of the scroll (Revelation 5:4). Likewise, t

Revealing the Father through the Book of Revelation: Foreword

Over the years, while personally studying the Book of Revelation, I faced challenges in understanding the entire book and expressing what was on my mind. I purchased books and studied many references to help me overcome this difficulty. However, to reach the meaning I sought, I found that I had to dive into God’s word in the Bible. Moreover, I had to use the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible to unlock the book’s symbolism (or rather, try to unlock).  More than ten years ago, I began a series of lectures on the Book of Revelation with the congregation of St. Mark’s Church in Jersey City, entitled “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” These lectures were recorded and broadcast on many Christian TV channels. At the same time, I drafted a commentary on the Book of Revelation by the same title but I did not publish it. I was waiting for the Heavenly Father, by His Holy Spirit, to reveal to me more deeply and to choose the appropriate time to publish the book. In recent years, proclaiming the

Revealing the Father through the Book of Revelation: Introduction

The Book of Revelation is the culmination of the New Testament, the Good News of God, the heavenly Father, in the Lord Jesus Christ. Its message, as well as that of the whole Bible, is that “God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). It is a message of love, hope, and encouragement. In Revelation, the heavenly Father reveals His glory, power, love, and His purposes. His will is to reconcile the world to Himself through the Lord Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection and make a new creation. Discovering the meaning of this redemption is central to the Book of Revelation. Like all other Bible books, the heavenly Father inspired the Book of Revelation. It is helpful for teaching, showing people what is wrong in their lives, correcting faults, and teaching how to live right (2 Timothy 3:16–17). Those who avoid reading Revelation miss a rich treasure of divine truth and the promised blessi